"we’re just friends"

yeah but she still wants to get mc and flurry with you

thats not friendship, friendship is “hey dude lets go eat nachos and talk about flannel shirts and music” not “hey i miss you, lets tongulate right now”


Jim Lambie @biennalesydney #19bos #imaginebiennale #jimlambie (at Museum of Contemporary Art)
smiles for miles
I love when girls hate on amiyah scott

because it doesn’t matter what sex she was a bunch a years ago

Right now, she is a woman

and waaaaaaaaaaaay hotter than all of y’all.

You just mad because you were born with it, and she’s still better at it.

Anonymous whispered: You're just the coolest person. 10/10 would love.

:) you’re fantastic

who loves short shortsss